Frequently Asked Questions


Our policy is super simple. Our warranty is strictly a Parts Only Warranty (see Warranty page for full details). We send the replacement part to the client at no cost. Any other involved costs are the responsibility of the customer. This among other factors enables us to offer our machines at a reduced price below our competitors.  


Our machines are not less expensive because they are of a lesser quality or because we do not provide TOP quality service. They're lower because our business model is different than the rest. MCM's prices are lower because of our Parts Only Warranty. They are lower because we don’t have high overheads from showrooms. MCM is keeping up with the changing tides. Industry is changing and the internet and overseas manufacturing is responsible. More and more clients are buying directly from the manufacturer/supplier. MCM identified a crucial shift in the way people buy & we adapted to it! Our chosen Manufacturers are now of a quality level where they are reliable, efficient and perform very well if not better than our competition like A**** and M****O**. That is why MCM are the Exclusive Distributors of CL-Loaders in the entire Sub-Saharan Africa and USA. In the near future we hope to expand that to even more countries around the world. 


Individuals who decide to purchase machines directly from suppliers often receive a neglected product, or lower quality parts, old engines, follow up communication problems and the list goes on. The reason behind this is the companies know most of these clients are once-off clients halfway around the world and only care about receiving the payment. They don’t advise the customer of the regulations and additional duties and fees associated with imports. That's the problem. Solution? MCM. We are proud of our products. Manufactured in excellent proven factories, tested in the harshest conditions of Africa and improved again and again by our international team.


I have a client in Cape Town who rents out a fleet of A**** and M****O** loaders on various job sites. We did a demo of the CL30 for him and he was very impressed. Here are the advantages I can remember that he highlighted above his A**** and M****O** loaders that he pointed out:

- The body is a strong fiberglass compared to plastic.

- The attachments are 6mm thick instead of 4mm thick.

- The quick hitch attachment pin system is stronger.

- The hydraulics are compatible with other manufactures, allowing use of existing attachments.


Service Dealers will sometimes give a customer delayed wait times or availability, poor service, ridiculously high transport fees, and don’t always keep stock of parts, one thing they will surely give you is highly inflated prices as those fancy showrooms cost money. MCM USA can approve a warranty parts only claim as quickly as any other company.  With MCM USA you have the benefit of using your own existing mechanic or even working on it yourself and still keeping the warranty! Some of our government and business customers have workshops with their own mechanics like Plants, Rental Companies, Farmers etc, saving them time and money by not having to load transport and wait for the machine to be serviced.  Your MCM machine can be serviced when its needed and most convenient for you, getting your machine back up and running in the most efficient use of time. Our machines are fairly straight-forward machines that don't require computing technology to analyze or fix. They don't need to be repaired or serviced by a specialist and can be serviced by anyone with mechanical knowledge.  MCM USA will be releasing several “How To” videos to aid customers in servicing their machines.


MCM USA is committed to offering all customers the same factory direct product pricing. We have set our factory direct pricing at the best possible price while still allowing us to offer a strong product warranty and exceptional customer service. The same product price is offered to every customer who purchases under the same conditions. Whether you purchase from us through our website or over the phone, you will receive the same pricing.